90th Meeting of Teppichfreunde

5th November 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Teppichfreunde,

this invitation comes to you for our 90th meeting since we met at Hodenhagen years ago for the first time. A flood has been running down the rivers since then. Time changed participants, locations and topics. Our focus shifted from rugs and carpets more and more to flatweaves and textiles. Even magazines like HALI showed that trend. Travel reports had been scarce – welcome. In the name of all members I would like to thank you for sending your financial part of our group.

May I now invite you to the

90th Meeting of Rug and Carpet Friends of Northern Germany
Sunday 5th November 2017
Bürgerhaus Bissendorf, Am Markt 1
10:00 a.m. precisely

In the afternoon we will have “Show & Tell” as usual. Bring and show us what is new in your collection to share your joy with our member

Have a good time and come in numbers. Cordially yours
Herbert J. Exner


9 – 10 Uhr Participants arrive.
10:00 Uhr Welcome and Information
10:15 Uhr Wolfgang Wolfgang Windau, Emmendingen
„Schlafteppiche der Aimaq“
11:00 Uhr Break.
11:20 Uhr Wolfgang Ritter, Wuppertal
„Bemerkungen zur Yastik Ausstellung“
12:00 Uhr Christine Müller-Radloff, Dresden
„Das neue Teppich-Museum in Baku, Azerbaijan“
12:00 Uhr Herbert Exner, Bissendorf-Wietze
„Bericht über das 5. Symposium Teppiche in Baku, Azerbaijan“
13:00 Uhr
14:30 Uhr „Show & Tell“ as usual.  
17:00 Uhr The Advisory Board discusses future projects.
18:00 Uhr End of the 90th Meeting.