94th Meeting of Teppichfreunde

17thMarch 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Teppichfreunde,

All of a sudden the years end of 2018 has come into sight. Was it my personal feeling only? We, of the national audience have had the joy to enjoy many Late Night Entertainments by our politicians in Berlin Center. Be it as it may on Carneval’s Day 11th in 11th (months) 37 participants have had the unique opportunity to study the diversity of Central Asian Cap design followed by informing presentations.

May I now invite you to the

94th Meeting of Rug and Carpet Friends of Northern Germany
Sunday 17th March 2019
Bürgerhaus Bissendorf, Am Markt 1
10:00 a.m. precisely

In the afternoon we will have “Show & Tell” as usual. Bring and show us what is new in your collection to share your joy with our member

Have a good time and come in numbers. Cordially yours
Herbert J. Exner


9 – 10 Uhr Participants arrive.
10:00 Uhr Welcome and Information
10:15 Uhr Horst-Reinhard Nitz, Hamburg
“At a First Glance – Pile and Flatwoven Rugs and Carpets as Textile Memory of Near Eastern Cultures. The Heritage of the Nestorians”
11:00 Uhr break
11:20 Uhr Birgit Voß, Berlin
“Doomsday Night in the Security Room of the Old Mint in Berlin – The End of the Famous Large Carpets of the Bode Collection”
12:30 Uhr Robert Schulz, Hannover
“Pieces in my Collection I like most”
13:00 Uhr
14:30 Uhr „Show & Tell“ as usual.  
17:00 Uhr The Advisory Board discusses future projects.
18:00 Uhr End of the 94th Meeting.