89th Meeting of Teppichfreunde

18th June 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Teppichfreunde,

Those of you who could not attend our last meeting on March 12 really have missed something. It was a sunny day and our meeting point, the Bürgerhaus hall was a surprise. Jörg Affentranger from Muttenz/Switzerland and his collector friend W.Windau from Emmendingen/Germany had on Saturday afternoon already displayed flatwoven Baluch rugs on the floor of the hall leaving enough space for the visitors. Jörg’s talk intensified by a power point presentation based on roundabout a dozen journeys to Northeast of Khorasan. It was a great experience for all participants. Simone Jansen, from Museum of Ethnology Dresden, spoke on rare old rugs made in Skandinavia, predominantly in Sweden since the 18th century. Literature about these special rugs is scarce. Few examples show up at auctions. An informative overview.
Our fund has reached the zero line, so I ask you to transfer your duty fee for one (40€) or two/pair (50€) to our account.

May I now invite you to the

89th Meeting of Rug and Carpet Friends of Northern Germany
Sunday 18th June 2017
Bürgerhaus Bissendorf, Am Markt 1
10:00 a.m. precisely

In the afternoon we will have “Show & Tell” as usual. Bring and show us what is new in your collection to share your joy with our member

Have a good time and come in numbers. Cordially yours
Herbert J. Exner


9 -10 Participants arrive.
10:00 Welcome and Information
10:15 Wolfgang Ritter, Wuppertal
“Woven Towels from Anatolia”
11:00 break
11:20 Stefan Schulz, Nienburg
“C14 Radiocarbon Dating at Textiles”
12:30 Luc De Leenheer, Boechout, Belgium
“Your Choice with Mafrash. What you like best.”
13:00 Lunch
15:00 “Show & Tell“ as usual
17:00 The Advisory Board discusses future projects
18:00 End of the 89th Meeting