Welcome to the “Teppichfreunde" Website

The rug society “Teppichfreunde Norddeutschland” is an informal association (not registered and non-profit) of people who like old and antique rugs, carpets or textiles and who wish to enrich their knowledge in this field.

Members meet three times each year at the modern conference hotel “Heide-Kröpke” near the small village Ostenholz at the Walsrode junction (between Hamburg and Hannover, Autobahn exit “Westenholz”). We meet since 1988 usually in March, June and October/November on a Saturday morning at 10 a.m. In the morning three lectures are held on varying topics. Speakers are from our rug society or from friends in Germany or Austria. After lunch at the restaurant of the hotel the afternoon sees a lively “show & tell”, where pieces from participants are displayed and discussed. The meeting ends around 6 p.m.

Details about the upcoming meetings you will find under “Newsletter”.
Membership Dues

Since the establishment of Teppichfreunde no annual dues are levied. Members are asked to make their payment when the bank account tends toward zero. After this there are sufficient funds for the following two years (postage, cost refunds for non-member speaker).

* 40EUR singles
* 50EUR couples
* 10EUR guests (each visit)

Non-members or guests who come for the first time are mandatory requested to contact Dr.Herbert Exner (phone +49-5130-8771) for proper planning of lecture room and hotel restaurant.

Our Freundeskreis is a member of the ACOR Group
(American Conference on Oriental Rugs) a co-operation of nearly 30 American rug societies. It enables us to get information on their activities, exhibitions and conferences.

Last update: April 2019