Recent and upcoming Programmes at our Meetings

All lectures/talks took/take place on a Saturday morning. In the afternoon “show & tell” was/is on the agenda.

A summary of the lectures please find at the end of this page.

3rd June 2018

  • Lola Shamukhitdinova, Achim near Bremen
    “Uzbek Ikattradition - yesterday and at present”
  • Reingard Neumann, Münster
    “Oriental Carpets from The Vogtland, a German County”
  • Michael Walkowiak, Leverkusen
    “Carpet Washing – right and realistic”

4th March 2018

  • Wolfgang Windau, Emmendingen
    “Sleeping Rugs of the Aimaq Tribes”
  • Ulla Ther, Munich
    “Anatolian Textile for Dowry”
  • Achim Boldt, Barienrode
    “Collected Pieces I like most”

5th November 2017

  • Wolfgang Windau, Emmendingen
    “Sleeping Rugs of the Aimaq Tribes”
  • Wolfgang Ritter, Wuppertal
    “Remarks on the Yastik Exhibition”
  • Christine Müller-Radloff, Dresden
    “The new Carpet Museum at Baku, Azerbaijan”
  • Herbert Exner, Wedemark
    “Impressions from the 5th International Symposium on Azerbaijani Carpets at Baku”


Lectures and Talks

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