A wonderful opportunity to meet, to talk, to learn and to admire rugs carpets and textiles

Since the seventies there are a few rug societies in Southern Germany. There was nothing similar in the North. The rug society “Teppichfreunde Norddeutschland” was founded in 1988 after an older one in Münster/Westf. The geographic center was a hotel in the small village Hodenhagen, close to Walsrode junction and not far from the Autobahn.

Three meetings each year, the location and the structure of the programme remained unchanged.
Since several years the last annual meeting is accompanied by an exhibition (i.e. Baluch, Prayer Rugs, Bags and Mafrash, Persian Silk Embroideries, Gashgai Rugs).

Teppichfreunde has 100 addresses and regarding couples more than 100 members. Between 50 and 80 participants attend each meeting.

Our members wish no burocratic procedures and sufficient time to talk to each other. There is enough opportunity besides the break in the morning between lectures during lunch at the hotel restaurant from 1-3 p.m. In the afternoon members are sitting around a 4x4m piece of black floor covering discussing rugs and kilims during the show & tell session.

In summertime one-day excursions take place to visit tapestries or textiles at cloisters or domes in the area.

Some members also travel in small groups for study tours to Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan.

In order to organise future meetings and to discuss more activities a small advisory board meets at the end of each meeting in the lecture room. Participation is voluntary and every member can join the group, which often consists of about 6 members.